Australian Professional Teachers Association’s Awards

PTCWA Nominations for teachers close on March 4.

The Australian Professional Teachers Association’s awards acknowledge the exemplary innovation and leadership carried out by individuals and associations who have made outstanding contributions to the work undertaken by professional teaching associations.
To assist the APTA Awards Committee, APTA encourages state and territory joint council boards to nominate worthy educators, associations and media representatives to receive well deserved recognition for their outstanding service to professional teaching associations and the professional standing of teachers in Australia.

There are six APTA awards categories:

The Dorothy Hoddinott Medal For Outstanding Lifetime Achievement
Early Career Teachers’ Award
Award for Meritorious Contribution to the Profession
Award for Exceptional Services to APTA
Innovative Association Award
Media Award

For the information about the award and the nomination form please go to the APTA website at www.apta.edu.au.

Awards timeline

2 December 2015: Nominations information available
4 March 2016: Nominations close
9 March 2016: Awards selection completed
11 March 2016: Successful nominees contacted
8 April 2016: Awards conferred

Australian Professional Teachers Association
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